Us and our story

For more sense, add maddness

Don't be afraid of the word madness. It has nothing to do with insanity; it’s the driving force that drives us all from time to time, some more than others.

Firstly, let's take a look at the Finns best engineering knowledge and skills, such as our old school delegations with their poorly spoken English and our burning desire to always invent something new and be the fastest and best nation in the world. 

Let’s move on to the best quirks of the country. For instance, watching the sun that never sets, while listening to the joyful voices of the wife-carrying competition contestants from afar. All this is usually enjoyed whilst nestled on an ant’s nest of course.  Us Finns will then wrap up the day by sitting in a 150-degree sauna, longer than anyone else in the world. Ever. Let the former be called reason and the latter madness. 

This combination describes the philosophy of a particular furniture designer entirely. Improvements come from having an open mind whilst pushing the boundaries.

The result of which, is the Tapio Anttila Collection.

“You can sit alone on the sledge, but it takes two to move forward. A designer needs a sparring partner, a critic, and sometimes a nudge. That person is, Arja Anttila, wife of Tapio Anttila, who is head of sales and marketing of the furniture collection. ”

Let's close the ratio and open the emotion

Not all things can be solved by reason, otherwise we'd be sitting on abacuses and lying on parallelograms. You have to recognize the moments when the rational side is muted and the feeling is unleashed. But it is just as important to do the process the other way around and pick up the calculator again.

Following this method, the end result of the design is in no way crazier. My numerous international awards show that, for example. This has resulted in useful items designed to ease everyday problems. To be long-lived and timeless and therefore responsible. Stylish and beautiful, which is the basic requirement of a piece of furniture. And, of course, reasonable in cost.

The passion in everything is the desire to do something new and leave a positive mark on Finnish art culture. There is no point in doing the same as everyone else.