A natural way of thinking and doing things for us

We Finns have a certain way of thinking and acting. It could be described as a well-proportioned union of madness and sanity. It's about keeping a cool head, even if others are boiling over. It's also about thinking about tomorrow more than today, because you have to live tomorrow too. It is frugality and reasonableness, which could also be called common sense or responsibility. Design cannot be based on reason alone. Sometimes you have to go to the other side of your mind to find inspiration.



We tell stories about Finland - our tradition, practicality and sensible way of life. But also about the madness that forces us to do things. We give shape to those things - we call them objects, furniture and interior solutions.



The world is in a state of change. You have to be able to justify everything you do with responsibility - especially when designing new objects. You have to find the justification for existence, the big "why". I often have to ask myself that. Go read what my "why" is.



Our values are not raffled or the guesswork of an advertising agency. We value our values as the most valuable thing in our company and they guide everything we do. We regularly look back over our shoulder at what was recorded to make sure we act accordingly.



There is always a story and people behind the brand.
The Tapio Anttila Collection bears the name of its designer, and behind the brand is not only Tapio but his efficient team. Together, we offer our customers unique designs wrapped up with an excellent service.