Tyyni outdoor furniture

The serene set includes a sofa, a lounge chair, a table/bench and a side table/stool. Scroll down to find out more about them.

Looking for something fun to do this summer?

With Tyyni outdoor furniture, you can get it for free. We deliver them to you without surface treatment and it's up to you to paint them. With Finnish paint company Tikkurila, we've made this easy. The product comes with painting instructions and a list of supplies. Then just head to your nearest paint store and get your paint brush ready!

What colour is it?

The answer is: Whatever suits your yard best. You can choose whatever you like from Tikkurila's colour chart. Tapio has also selected a few colour recommendations, the codes for which are included in the painting guide. You can check out the colour samples at your nearest paint store.

The story behind the product?

"I had in mind old manor-style Finnish garden furniture. They were always painted pine and repainted whenever the need called for it. I wondered how I could update the same concept and atmosphere to today. I also wanted to offer something easy and fun to do, which would build a closer relationship with the furniture itself." -Tapio

What is Tyyni outdoor furniture designed for?

For terraces, balconies, summer or winter gardens, front and back yards and patios. In the garden of your house, in the garden of a villa, on the lawn of a row house or in the shade of an apartment block. The subtle Tyyni fits in with many styles and can be customised with different colours to suit your surroundings.

Why order a Tyyni now?

We made a small test run of furniture and are now selling it in advance. They will be in our warehouse at the end of June and will be available for delivery after Midsummer. By ordering now, you can ensure a calmer rest of the summer.

The most sustainable outdoor furniture?

The longer you use your furniture, the more sustainable it is. The Tyyni is made of pine and not the wood of the rainforest. The weather will wear out any material sooner or later. Tyyni outdoor furniture is designed so that it can be repainted whenever necessary. After the first time, each repaint is always easier. You can also change the colour later if you wish. In addition, we will offset the emissions caused by manufacturing and transport.

Did anything leave you wondering?

Call us if you have any questions about your order or product. You can reach us by phone on +358 40 1764240 or by email at info@tapioanttila.com If you already have all the information you need, click on the link below to order yours!