How do we extend the life of the products?

Product longevity is the best form of responsibility, and everyone can probably understand why. We have adopted all possible means to extend the life cycle, from design to production and product use.

Summarized here are the most important:

1. Timeless design
2. Durable and high-quality materials
3. Sustainable structures
4. Beautifully patinated materials
5. Materials to be maintained
6. Exchangeable spare parts

Sections 1. -3. naturally belong to our design philosophy.

Our table covers are the best example of beautifully patinated materials. In them, solid oak or pine ages beautifully and the brushed surface softens the traces of normal wear and tear.

All our upholstered products have removable and washable upholstery parts, so minor damage or dirt can be easily washed. You should fluff and air the cushions and bedclothes of the sofa beds, which will extend their service life.
Even the best material sometimes wears out, or damage can occur before that, which cannot be repaired by washing. That's why we have included spare parts for sofa beds in our collection. That is, all covers, mattresses and bedding can be purchased as separate sets.

"Replaceable upholstery parts are a significant means of extending the sofa's life cycle, as upholstery wears out sooner than wooden parts anyway. Instead of replacing the entire sofa, you can replace all or some of the upholstery parts."