How can design make an impact?

We are a brand that designs all the products in the collection ourselves. It has the advantage of being responsible because we can influence and control the entire value chain, from the design table to the customer.

In the design process we aim to put responsibility first. For each product, all aspects are evaluated and how they meet our goals. Calculating a product’s carbon footprint helps us study the climate impacts of the entire value chain and life cycle of the product. In this way, we can quickly make changes through design and come up with new solutions if we consider that any part of the product needs improvements in terms of how much it has a potential to affect the climate.

The starting point for the design can also be some part of the product manufacturing process where we detect the generation of side streams. A typical example is waste pieces from making a larger product. We get inspiration from this information and can quickly design new products utilizing these surplus pieces. Even in the early stages of product design, waste can be taken into account immediately and used elsewhere. In both cases, the carbon footprint of the new product is almost zero because it is already included in the parent product.

Design plays an important part when it comes to the longevity of a product, which is an important part of responsibility. It is the responsibility of the designer to make sure that the products last visually and structurally, and the design language and the choice of materials are timeless. The designer is also responsible for ensuring that the construction and details allow for easy replacement, repair, and maintenance of parts. These are all things that are inherent in our design philosophy. We think that this is the right and responsible way of operating.