Renki L coffee table
Renki L coffee table
Renki L coffee table
Renki L coffee table
Renki L coffee table

Renki L coffee table

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A simple but not simple coffee table. Permission to put your feet or a cat on the table.


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Product information


Solid oak, lacquered. Leftover material of other production.


Can be used alone or together with the Renki M coffee table.


Delivered in parts. Assembled with the crosshead screwdriver.

Delivery and return conditions


We want to act responsibly and minimize extra product deliveries, and that's why we hope that our customers buy products for a need, not just for the joy of buying. The products in our collection are designed to be long-lasting and as versatile as possible, so that you can enjoy them for years to come.


We currently deliver orders to mainland Finland, Sweden and Germany from our online shop. If you would like more information about delivery areas, please contact us by email

In Finland, delivery options for small products include delivery to the nearest pick-up point (Post, Postnord or Matkahuolto points) or home delivery. Larger furniture is always delivered home. Depending on the postcode area, it is possible to choose additional services for the home delivery of larger furniture. In Sweden and Germany, products are always delivered to front door.

Stock items you order are generally delivered in Finland within about 5-12 days. Delivery time to Sweden and Germany is generally around 2-4 weeks. Some products are delivered directly from the manufacturer. If the product is not directly in stock, the delivery time varies from product to product. If you order more than one product from different collections at the same time, they may arrive at different times depending on the product manufacturer and delivery time.
Always check the condition of the packaging and the product when you receive your order! In the case of transport damage, please contact us immediately by e-mail Also take pictures of the damage and attach them to your email. If you receive your order directly to your home, ask your shipping provider to record any visible damage.


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If there is a fault in the product, please contact us immediately by e-mail Attach a picture (or more if necessary) to the email showing the error and another picture showing the entire product. We always try to correct the error first. If the error cannot be corrected, we will replace the product with a new one.


Product dimensions and drawings

Carbon footprint to offset

15.2 kg CO2-e


The RENKI product series has been awarded the 2022 international ecological design award, the GREEN GOOD DESIGN® Award. The entire concept of the Renki series is based on the utilization of waste material from other products. It has been the starting point of the entire design, where we have thought about how the waste generated in the production of the collection's sofas can be utilized. The carbon footprint of Renki products is zero as far as the material is concerned, as it is calculated on the carbon footprint of the "parent product". This responsible entity and the design based on it appealed to the award jury with its simple story.

The GREEN GOOD DESIGN Award has been awarded since 2007. It is a recognition of high-level design, which especially takes into account ecology and responsibility in the design. The award is given in seven different categories, from architecture to product design. The prize is awarded by the Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design, whose named jury selects the award-winning innovations each year.

General care instructions:

Wipe the surfaces with a dry or damp cloth. Do not leave the surface wet.

Stain removal:

Remove wet stains as soon as possible so that the stain does not have time to dry on the surface. Pencil marks should be removed with an eraser and dried stains should be carefully wiped with a damp cloth. If necessary, you can use a mild detergent, but avoid excessive scrubbing and using a wet rag.

Color changes:

The wood parts darken over time due to the influence of light. In addition, areas that are touched a lot, often darken more due to dirt and grease coming off the hands. If these dark spots start to bother you, you can fade them out by renewing the surface treatment of the product. In this matter, you should turn to professionals, and you can also ask us for advice if necessary.

Other things to consider:

Small cracks may appear in solid wood furniture due to the aging of the wood. These do not affect the usability or durability of the product. However, if it worries you, you can contact us about it with pictures.

Can I order a table with my own dimensions?

Answer: Unfortunately, it is not possible to order special-sized parts from us.

The wooden parts of my product have been dented and darkened over time and I would like to restore it. What can I do?

Answer: Contact us preferably with a picture and we will give the necessary instructions on how to restore your product. You can also contact the nearest furniture restorer or carpenter. They usually ask what surface treatment agent has been used in the product. The substance used depends on the product, so please check with us.

Where is my product made and where do the materials used in it come from?

Answer: It depends on your product. We have several different manufacturers in Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, with whom we have cooperated for a long time. The reason for collaborating with several different manufacturers is that different manufacturers have different know-how and, in terms of equipment, different capabilities to manufacture different products. We are in constant contact with them and have visited the factories, so we know the conditions under which our products are manufactured. In general, our manufacturers handle the procurement of materials, so there are many product-specific differences in them as well. Most of the materials used in our products come from Europe. This is one thing we are working on, so that we could gather more detailed information about where each raw material comes from. Unfortunately, this is a difficult and time-consuming process. If you want more detailed information about the origin of your product, contact

"A house without Renki is like Renki without a house"

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