We take responsibility for our responsibility

Tapio Anttila

"The word 'responsibility' is worn out and something else should be invented", "Nowadays everyone is responsible", "Responsibility is now fashionable" and "Responsibility and carbon footprint calculation are becoming passé" are statements we hear nowadays repeatedly. Are things really this good?"



That word has certainly experienced inflation and is nearing saturation point. BUT, in those linguistic reflections and trend analyses, the most essential thing is forgotten: the content and purpose of the word itself. It would be really great for our planet if we really saturated everything with all-encompassing responsibility. Unfortunately, this is not the case. That's why those claims are even annoying and distract from important actions that we all should be doing - fashionable or not.


"It would be really great for our planet if we really saturated everything with all-encompassing responsibility."


Another annoying thing when considering the fashion phenomenon of the word, is raising it solely as a competitiveness factor. I don't mean that it can't be that too, but instead if responsibility is included in the program just because "a competitor has it too". On the other hand, this is still better than complete "irresponsibility", but is it a genuine concern for our environment and a desire to improve it? Real responsibility, internalized in the company's values, will certainly lead to better achievements and concrete actions and will not remain mere program declarations.

Responsibility is a multifaceted subject area and includes many ways and means of implementing it. That's why the generalization of the word to a too broad and general context has made it too "self-evident" term that has been worn out by excessive use. The matter itself is still current and would require more in-depth openings.


We promise to continue to use the word "responsibility" always and everywhere, as much as possible. We are not announcing a solemn program that will reach 2030, but we are taking concrete actions immediately. We don't care if responsibility is trendy or not - we do it anyway and all because we are concerned about our common environment.

We have worked diligently to determine the carbon footprint of all our products. It includes all aspects of manufacturing, from materials to transportation. In this way, we are also able to observe what the emissions are consisting of and get useful information from it as a basis for planning. We compensate the carbon footprint of our products by planting forests to become carbon neutral.

- Tapio

PS  Read more here, what else responsibility is for us. The carbon footprint of all the products is specified and the compensation is presented for each product - take a look at the carbon footprint of the Day&Night sofa bed, for example.