Why do we use a lot of wood?

We use a lot of wood because it is a warm, humane, and natural material. In addition, it is an ecological choice due to its many properties. Wood is also a renewable natural material and easily recyclable.

In the forest, trees act as important carbon stores for the earth. When they are made into furniture, carbon dioxide is still stored in the wood. The longer the life cycle of a piece of furniture, the longer the carbon dioxide is stored there and is not released into the biological cycle. This is one important reason why we strive to design and make furniture that has a long life.

We take into account the waste produced in manufacturing process already in the design. Many of our small items are designed from surplus pieces of larger furniture. The best example of this is the Day&Night sofa bed process. The standard length of the logs coming to the factory is 3 meters and the length of the sofa is 2 meters (normal bed dimension). After the cutting, the production generates about 80 cm long waste pieces. Based on utilizing these pieces, a Renki shelf and a series of small items have been created. In it, the carbon footprint of the material is almost zero, because the share of emissions has already been taken into account in the carbon footprint of the sofa bed.

We do not use completely knotless wood because its separation increases waste pieces and is therefore unecological. A healthy branch belongs to the tree and is part of the product design. That makes wooden furniture unique. The same applies to the smaller differences in hue and pattern that are characteristics of wood.

The forest and its regeneration are important to us. That is why we have chosen a local operator based on planting tree seedlings as a carbon footprint compensation partner. Read more about our compensation on the previous page.