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What Day&Night?

And what's so amazing about it? There is something special in it because it has found its place in so many Finnish homes. It is also an internationally award-winning design piece. The secret is not just design, but also practicality and responsibility. I'm always thinking about how to make my items stand up well to both time and use. Many things fell into place here, even the waste pieces of production have been utilized.
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- Tapio

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No mechanisms, double bed or two separate beds, bed linen for two in back cushions, removable and washable covers. A long list of things to hide inside - and it still doesn't look like a sofa bed.
The series also includes a chair bed, ottoman bed and a coffee table.

A sofa bed that doesn't look like a sofa bed

As the sofa is also a bed, the upholstery and cushions are subject to different wear than on a normal sofa. Although the mattress is a quality mattress, it needs to be turned and the cushions need to be fluffed from time to time. Normal soiling can be prevented by removing and washing the covers. In case of an accident or after normal wear over time, we also included covers, mattresses and beddings in the product collection. This increases the life span of the furniture considerably and is responsibility at its best.

Did you know that the Renki series is made from the waste pieces of the Day&Night sofa?

Yes, the entire Renki series is designed specifically from this starting point. Therefore the carbon footprint of the products' wood material is zero! The concept has been awarded with the prestigious Green Good Design Award, which is granted for responsible design and manufacturing.

The set includes multi-purpose shelves, a coat rack and a mirror.

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