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Tapio's favorites

Designers are often asked what their favorite product is. The standard answer is always "the latest". I do not deviate from this rule. I will therefore leave out the very latest ones here, because we also have the "Latest creations" collection and then this would be unnecessary repetition.
In other words, let's focus on the older ones and the ones that got a little less attention.

Limi chair
When it comes to designing a chair, the most difficult thing is to make something that looks your own. In general, folding chairs are very 2-dimensional and that's why I wanted more shape. In the seat, I tried to asymmetrically join two overlapping bends in a cup-like shape. I made the first experiments out of cardboard by hand using the cut-glue method. The end result was light and durable and still fits well - and there have been no complaints about the design either.

Jat-ko box for dining table
A practical accessory that brings a new way of thinking and look to the table world.
A small thing that has been wondered: "How is it possible that this has not been invented before?"
Carbon footprint 9,3 kg CO2e.

Day&Night sofa bed

I succeeded in developing a new structure and design language that follows in the footsteps of the popular ON sofa bed. It is clearly a different option to its "ancestor". Also proven to be popular in its genre.
Carbon footprint 204 kg CO2e.

Renki L shelf
This product seems to have on of the smallest carbon footprint in our collection. It's because the whole series is made from the waste pieces of the Day&Night sofa bed. The concept has been noted by the jury of the Green Good Design Award.
Carbon footprint 8,6 CO2e.

Jat-ko workstation
Many things come into play here, such as practicality and versatility. A remote workstation where you can work sitting or standing - or not. A neat interior design element even then.
Carbon footprint 30,3 kg CO2e.

Punnus pendant light
After the chair, the lamp is the second most difficult to design. Here, I was able to make a mobile-like sculpture that goes into a flat package, which does not need to be assembled - the "pounders" are only turned open. Fun tuning even without light.