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Tapio's latest creations

You can easily glance at this collection and get an idea which themes have I been working on lately.
If someone is more interested, you can go deeper more on that. It's worth stopping by here from time to time, because I'm not going to rest and we'll update this page often.
If a product evokes a special experience in you, I would like to hear about it either by email or social media.

Filtti easy chair
This has been the result of an unusually long and heavy design process. However, after setbacks, the goals were met; light, comfortable and relaxed to sit on, a distinctive look and a touch of practicality. The carbon footprint also remained small through the material.
Kaiku sofa bed
I would like to use more pine as a material for my products. Increasing the use of domestic wood species in serial production is of particular interest to me in terms of responsibility and origin. Kaiku sofa is one of the first experiments. It continues the line of my multipurpose sofas and brings echoes from the past.
Carbon footprint 215.4 kg CO2e.
ON2 sofa bed
ON sofa bed has been successful. I have received a lot of positive feedback about it over the years. Some good improvement suggestions as well - thanks to our customers! I gathered them together and we made an even better version. Small tweaks to the appearance, but the biggest changes are not visible on the surface. They are more about sleeping and sitting comfort.
Carbon footprint 165 kg CO2e.
Piena chair
Designing a chair is difficult, especially those with a spindle back. Spindle chairs have been made for a long time and they resemble each other quite a lot. As a designer, I set the bar high and wanted to make my own look.
Rate how I did it. The surfaces of the backrest are combined with a leather belt and the surfaces are flexible to adapt to the back.
Carbon footprint 9,9 kg CO2e.
Kokoa rugs
It was an old Finnish tradition to cover the wooden floor of the house completely with different carpets, overlapping and interlaced. The entire carpet concept has been inspired by it. The interactive Kokoa Mix set includes 3 smaller mats that can be assembled into many shapes and sizes. And change the order whenever inspiration strikes.
Carbon footprint 10.6 kg CO2e.
Front Country Oak table
The wood cover of a healthy branch does not necessarily have to be defective. It can also be a decoration. Since there is no branchless wood, the waste percentage of the branchless oak is about 70, which is not very ecological. I wanted to make a responsible table whose cover is alive and the natural patterns of the wood are part of the design. Of course, this has to be controlled and there can't be too many. The traces of living are part of it, and the brushed surface of the cover withstands them better and gets beautiful patina over time.
Carbon footprint 32.5 kg CO2.