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Kokoa Mix rug

Overlapping, interlocked, side by side or even on top of each other. You decide how you set your Kokoa.

MATERIALS  80% recycled cotton, 20% polyester. Edging 30 mm wide cotton ribbon.

COLOURS  The assortment is a combination of white, beige and white-beige.

EDGING TAPE  30 mm cotton tape at the both ends of the carpet. White or beige, and beige with the white-beige carpet.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION  The rugs are sold as a set of three carpet. Carpets can be arranged in different ways, either overlapping as a whole or used individually for example in different spaces


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Recycled cotton

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Delivery product, 2-4 weeks

10.6 kg CO2-e

Carbon footprint compensated

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One carpet
Length: 1400 mm
Width: 900 mm


Carbon footprint details

Carbon footprint compensated


We will compensate the carbon footprint of this product for you.

We are looking for concrete ways to reduce the carbon footprint of our products. That’s why we’re constantly researching what are the main sources of emissions and how can we affect them. Indispensable emissions are compensated, as they should.

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