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Jat-ko 90 box

Suggestion for quick cleaning: swipe the unnecessary stuff from the table into the box and close the lid.

FRAME  oak, varnish.

COVER  MDF, top black-white NANO-laminate. Edges of oak veneer in natural colour, varnish.

FUNCTION  Round finger hole for opening. Box 90 includes a partition. Can be installed on both ends of the table. Loose covers can be used both way up.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION  Accessorie for Jat-ko tables.

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318,75 (375,00 €)

In stock, 3-8 days

9.3 kg CO2-e

Carbon footprint compensated

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Width: 920 mm
Height: 230 mm
Depth: 150 mm


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Carbon footprint compensated


We will compensate the carbon footprint of this product for you.

We are looking for concrete ways to reduce the carbon footprint of our products. That’s why we’re constantly researching what are the main sources of emissions and how can we affect them. Indispensable emissions are compensated, as they should.

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Jat-ko box is the best table party.


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