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Case Sofa - oak grey detail

Materials and care instructions

With these instructions good well-being and long life.
At least for furniture.

General information about wood
Wood is a ‘living’ material that can react to fluctuations in temperature and humidity.
In winter, heated and/or dry air, the wood dries and shrinks, while in summer when the humidity rises, the wood absorbs moisture and swells. Dry air can cause small cracks in solid wood furniture, but as the humidity rises the cracks often disappear. This is typical of wood and perfectly normal, however it’s difficult to influence during manufacture. Therefore our furniture is designed so that their structures allow for such fluctuations.
The shades and grain patterns of the wood always vary according to the conditions of the location of where the trees grow. Each piece of solid wood used is unique. Therefore, no two are alike. For our solid wood products, we strive to select parts in the same shade, but there will always be slight differences. Knots also occur in solid wood products. Healthy and clean knots are among the basic characteristics of wood and we perceive them in our products as part of the design. Cracks and knots are acceptable. In this way, we avoid wastage from excessive sorting of wood material and use the material responsibly.
The above-mentioned factors are therefore the properties of the wood and not manufacturing defects, so they do not give rise to a complaint.
Oak is a close-grained wood that makes it a hard and durable material. Oak has a rough and course surface texture. When you brush the finished surface of oak furniture, you can feel the differences in annual growth in your fingers. This feature of oak and its porosity are its properties and cannot be covered with surface treatments.
In addition, the grain patterns of oak are strong and the different natural patterns of wood include stripe and warp patterns. The lively surface with its knots make each solid oak piece unique.
Birch is a hard and durable material. Its wood material is light, uniform in colour and the grain pattern stands out rather faintly. However, the texture may vary depending on the environment in which the tree has grown. A flame pattern may appear on the surface of the material due to a variation in the direction of the tree growth. Although birch is a very uniform type of wood, furniture made from it, like other types of wood, is always unique.
Birch can be treated and coloured easily.
Ash is a tough and hard wood species, the wood is light but patterned in different shades and therefore very decorative. As a result, furniture made from ash has a very individual surface with variations in grain pattern. The planed surface of ash has a sheen.
General care instructions
- Clean with a damp cloth or neutral detergent.
We recommend you dry the surface.
- Avoid excessive moisture and abrasive cleaning agents.
- Do not use bleaching detergents, solvents or strong alkaline/acidic detergents for cleaning.
- Hot objects or prolonged water can cause damage and marks on the surface.
- Felt furniture pads should be used on products to be placed on a wooden floors.
- Direct sunlight can cause discoloration of wood. By removing objects from the surface any such discolouring visible on the wood will diminish reasonably fast.
Some of our products contain metal parts. Chair and table legs legs are chrome or powder-coated steel tube.
General care instructions
- Clean with a damp cloth or neutral detergent. We recommend you dry the surface.
- Be careful not to bump or use sharp objects on the metal surface as to avoid scratching.
- Tighten the screws at regular intervals.
We only use high quality and easy care fabrics in our upholstered products. In terms of shades and materials the fabrics follow the natural style of our brand.
Regular vacuuming and ventilation is recommended for your upholstered products.
Remove stains as soon as possible to prevent the absorption into the fabric. Always follow the washing instructions for your fabric choice to prolong the life of your material. However, we primarily recommend dry cleaning, as fabrics containing natural fibers tend to shrink slightly when washed in water. Our product have removable coverers; use the Velcro and zip fastenings to remove the covers and pillows for washing.
General instructions for the care and use of upholstery materials
- Avoid placing upholstered products in direct sunlight or a heat source.
- The form of the upholstered products soften and change during use. Fluff the pillows regularly to maintain their fullness. By varying the positions of the cushions the wear of the product is naturally evened out.
- Remove stains immediately.
- Follow the care instructions according to the materials washing instructions.
- Avoid sitting on the product with wet clothes.
- The armrests are not intended for sitting.
- When moving the product, always lift from the base to avoid damage

HOPPER - A lively and durable synthetic fabric
Composition: 100% PES
Abrasion/rub factor: 100,000 Martindale
Washing instructions: Dry clean only
Recommendation: For those who appreciate timeless style and durability
DIAMONDS - High quality, washable and antibacterial Easy Care fabric
Composition: 46% PAN, 44% PES, 10% CO
Abrasion/rub factor: 40,000 Martindale
Washing instructions: Wash at 30 degrees, light spin, iron inside out or use an ironing cloth.
Recommendation: Patterned, durable basic fabric for carefree use, recommended for families with children or pets


As a natural material, leather is durable and long-lasting but special care must be taken in its care. Vacuum or wipe with a damp, clean cloth. To remove stains use a damp cloth or sponge with mild soapy water (eg, Marsala soap). Avoid excessive moisture and never rub the surface of leather.
Do not use bleaching agents, solvents or strong alkaline/acidic detergents.
We use recycled leather in many of our products. The material is manufactured from waste particles from the shoe and bag industry by pressing technology. The leather does not contain external synthetic fibres and is made of 90% renewable natural materials. The material is ÖKO-TEX® certified.
The leather is very close to genuine leather in its properties and surface. It has good abrasion resistance and tensile strength. The cleaning and maintenance methods are the same as for natural leather.

DAY & NIGHT sofa bed
- Pay attention to the correct lifting grip when opening and closing the sofa bed. When lifting the beds apart, always grasp the finger hole at the end between the frame to make lifting safer.
- Remember to tighten the fixings at regular intervals.
ON sofa beds
- Pay attention to the correct lifting grip when opening the sofa bed. When lifting the beds apart, always hold the frame end to make lifting safer.
- Remember to tighten the fixings at regular intervals.
- Removable and replaceable coverers. Remove the supports and other surface-mounted fittings attached to the frame first. Velcro fastening are used on the upholstery fittings.
- Aski storage is intended for storing small items and is not intended to be used as a seat.
- Birch plywood is a natural material so the top edge of the storage unit will distort slightly. By keep the lid in place when not used as a tray, will maintain the products shape.
- When wall mounting, always take into consideration the fastening suitable for the wall to ensure it will withstand the weight of the shelf.
- Avoid a heavy weight in the centre of the shelf to reduce the risk of the shelf bending over time. We recommend varying the position of heavy objects.
As a natural material leather is durable and long-lasting.  However, special care should be taken to maintain this. Vacuum or wipe with a damp cloth. When removing stains only target that specific area.
- Shelf max weight - 12 kg.