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How do we use materials responsibly? 

Our main raw material is wood, which is already an ecological choice in itself. It is a renewable natural material and the wood we use is certified. Trees act as carbon stores in the forest. When they are made into furniture, carbon dioxide is still stored in the wood. The longer the life cycle of a piece of furniture, the longer the carbon dioxide is stored in it. We also take into account the manufacturing waste in our design. Many of our smaller items are made from the surplus pieces of larger furniture. We don’t use knotless wood because its separation increases waste and is therefore unecological. A healthy branch belongs to a tree and is part of the design that makes the products unique. For cushions and upholstery, we choose the most suitable and durable materials. All our materials are emission-free. At the end of the life cycle, materials from all products are easily separable and recyclable.