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Ice breaking Nordic design

The world is in a state of change. Everything we do must be justified. One has to find a purpose for existence, that big “why”.
As a furniture designer, this purpose has always been an everyday routine for me, like my morning swim in the nearby lake. With or without ice.

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Discover the Nordic Way

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Longevity, use and the manufacture of wood are things we inherited from our ancestors. When we apply this traditional approach, responsibility is built into our heritage.
Get to know Tapio Anttila Collection's responsible way of working.

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GOOD DESIGN® Award 2021 for JAT-KO dining furniture concept

The GOOD DESIGN® Award is given each year to the world's best new products. The world's most famous brands compete in different categories. This time, the concept of JAT-KO dining furniture from Tapio's own collection was awarded. The world's oldest and most prestigious design award is given by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design and is already Tapio's 20th GOOD DESIGN® Award.

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Wooden sofa bed Frendi beside the fireplace

Sofa beds that doesn´t look like sofa beds

It may sound a bit barren, but the function of the sofa bed is to serve and look beautiful. During the day it's a sofa and at night a bed, and it makes the design demanding. There are a large number of models to choose from, such as ON, Day & Night, Frendi…

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A room without furniture is just space. Furniture without a room is just a pile of goods. Both are needed so you can make them your own looking home.

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