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A room without furniture is just space. Furniture without a room is just a pile of goods. Both are needed so you can make them your own looking home.

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It is said that responsibility is trendy.
Well, for us, it's more. We are doing several concrete actions. For example, we count our products carbon footprint and we will compensate it for you.

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Solutions for a more beautiful everyday life

Ice breaking Nordic design

Does the world need any new chairs anymore? Not necessarily, but perhaps responsible chairs and multi-purpose sofa beds that solve everyday problems.

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Brand as cold as ice

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On thin ice blog

Stories in front of and behind the design - as told by the designer

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Tapio’s 21st GOOD DESIGN® Award

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Habitare fair 2022

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Frendi_vuodesohva_sofa bed

The sofa bed does not have to look like a sofa bed

Sofa beds

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