Tapio Anttila

The Nordic way is a lifetime deal

Tapio Anttila –The Nordic designer behind the collection.

Tapio Anttila avannossa

Designer Tapio Anttila on a regular Tuesday. No Photoshop.

Ice breaking Nordic design

The world is in a state of change. Everything we do must be justified. One has to find a purpose for existence, that big “why”.
As a furniture designer, this purpose has always been an everyday routine for me, like my morning swim in the nearby lake. With or without ice.
I create objects that have a place in everyday life to make it more meaningful, more beautiful and last a lifetime. Furniture and products that bring something innovative and new, not just replicate the old. Objects that respect a person and their environment that do not try to buy their soul by some other questionable means.
I am Finnish, but also Scandinavian and Nordic. The Nordic Way is a way of working that combines the sensibility and longevity of objects with a unique peculiarity in the mix. For us and the wider world there is an ever growing call for this combination and way of thinking.

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Living area in loft interior

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A room without furniture is just space. Furniture without a room is just a pile of goods. Both are needed so you can make them your own looking home.

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The GOOD DESIGN® Award to Frendi sofa bed

Frendi sofa bed from Tapio Anttila Collection has been awarded with the Good Design Award in 2020. This is already 19th Good Design Award for Tapio Anttila. Tapio´s design clearly works around the world.

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