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About us

For us the Nordic Way is a natural way of thinking.

In the Nordic we have a certain way of thinking. It could be described as a balanced union of madness and rationality. We keep our head cool when others are boiling over. We think about tomorrow more than today, because also tomorrow you must live. Us in Tapio Anttila Collection call this certain way of thinking as a Nordic Way.

Our story

The world is in a state of change. Everything we do must be justified. One has to find a purpose for existence, that big “why”.
As a furniture designer, this purpose has always been an everyday routine for me, like my morning swim in the nearby lake. With or without ice.

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There is always a story and people behind the brand.
The Tapio Anttila Collection bears the name of its designer, and behind the brand is not only Tapio but his efficient team. Together, we offer our customers unique designs wrapped up with an excellent service.

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Our values guide everything we do


We are genuinely Finnish, but also Nordic. Our greatest resource is Finnish creative madness combined with wisdom. We want to approach ordinary people and break the arrogant designer myth.


We operate with respect for tradition, with a modern touch. We are timeless. We don’t follow trends because it does not support our approach to timelessness. Being attuned to the times is a different matter.

Improving everyday life

We design products that solve the everyday interior design challenges of ordinary people. We offer insightful design, functionality, versatility and lightness.


The longevity of products is the best form of responsibility. It means maintainability, timeless design language and structural durability. The aim of our approach to design is the traditional Finnish skill of making objects with appreciation, respecting the qualities of the material, using it sparingly but sustainably.


The industry awards are testament to the appreciation of my contemporaries, which is important to a designer.
Alas, the awards usually come in paper format or a handshake not a weighty, polished trophy, but they certainly do give you that warm feeling.

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Brand book

The Nordic Way is a way of thinking. It’s a dose of common sense and a touch of madness that creates a functional cool cocktail.

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Tapio’s 21st GOOD DESIGN® Award

Tapio's strongly Finnish and practical design once again managed to stand out from the huge international flow of products when the Chicago Museum of Architecture and Design awarded the PIENA chair 2022 Good Design Award. Although designing a chair is challenging, there is one distinctive detail about PIENA chair- a recycled leather strap connects the backrest spindles. The small detail adds comfort and gives the chair a distinctive look.

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Design Studio

Tapio Anttila is an internationally awarded designer whose work can be found in his own collection as well as in others, in Finland and abroad. If you are interested, please contact our team.

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